$75 One Machine Tattoo Kit

$75 One Machine Tattoo Kit
Complete One Machine Tattoo Kit with everything that you need to tattoo

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring is a busy time

Trying to get my spring house cleaning and also want to get to my garden.  So much to do.  Keeping up on getting all the tattoo kit orders out and ordering more tattoo equipment.

We are thinking of expanding to personal piercing guns for ear piercing.  Can't wait to get them in.  Also have an ear piercing gun with 49 earrings.  So check back later.

Selling goats, chickens and deciding if I should raise some more chicks.  Got the garage cleaned out and working on the bad spots in the house.  Have some pecans to crack....so best get busy and get to work.

Lots to do here on Moss Acres.  I like it and wouldn't want to be anyplace else.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tattoo Order in and put away...and more orders to mail out

It has been one busy week.  Got our tattoo supply order in.  So we have plenty of tattoo supplies.  Give us a call if you need something.  Check out our website at http://www.getatatkit.com/.  Now it looks like our vials for our ink are on back order, hopefully it won't be too long....so will see what they say.

Sunny and thinking of cleaning out the garage today, if I can get the bills paid and the orders ready to be mailed out.

Busy busy busy and want to do some work on my garden.

I need more hours in a day.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Busy Day and should go to bed.

It was a busy day.  Sent out a couple of tattoo orders, took my Mom to the doctor, then was just exhausted and took a nap.  Was in such a hurry today to get an order out, forgot to check the email....our mistake...so she will get a few extra needles and we will send what she ordered out tommorrow.  My new rule is that if I am watching tv, I have to be riding my excersize bicycle.  So...the last two days I have ridden 4 hours and have gone 41 miles.  That should help me lose weight.

Back to the tattoos....tell us why and how you got tattooed.  If you would want to change or get rid of any tattoos or your funniest tattoo story.

Our funniest story is that we were in Portland riding the bus around.  Saw a tattoo shop, jumped off the bus, ran in got a little sticker tattoo... a konji for wealth and then jumped back on the bus and went back to the motel room.  It is kinda fun to do stuff like that.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

How did we get to Texas and how did we begin selling Tattoo Supplies and Kits?

 It is all my Mom's fault that we are in Texas.  We lived in Olympia, Washington and my Mom was in the hospital.  We were on the freeway to go see her and someone had stopped for a ladder in the road, in fact two cars ahead of us.  We thought we were going to be able to stop, and just as we were about stopped, a car hit us and another car hit the car that hit us.  Hey, we made the news that night!  We had a magic moment when our heads went backward and broke the window out of the little pick-up.  I had whiplash really bad and after that my neck and back hurt.  A couple summers later the temperature got up to the 80's and 90's and I was painting the house, cleaning out the garage, etc.  Tim wondered what was wrong with me!  I said my back doesn't hurt.  So a few years later, after he was tired of me keeping the bedroom  up to 80 degrees, he said "I know where we can move that it is hot?" I said "Where?"  He said Texas.  So a few years passed and we decided to move.  My Mom was 90 at the time and needed to live with someone, so we brought her down with us.  Our idea was to have a campground (which didn't work out).  So now we are raising goats, ducks and chickens. I am still taking care of my Mom (who is 96 now).  Tim got a job with the State of Texas.  We wanted to start a business together...we both hav a lot of tattoos and know about tattoo equipment....so that is how we started selling tattoo kits.  I know Tim can add some more info to the story. 

Just a note to add here, that he would love to have our upstairs bedroom at 80 in the summer time, sometimes it gets up to the 90's. 
But I love the hot weather and didn't move down here to live in a cold air conditioned house.  Right now, we think it is cold if it is in the 70's

We love to chat about tattoos and see pictures of your tattoos and hear why, where how you got your first, last tattoo.  Guess this is all for now, but we will have more stories later.  You can always check our website at http://www.getatatkit.com/ or email us at GetATatKit@yahoo.com or GetATatKit@gmail.com .  Thanks for checking out our blog!